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Message from Steve Burton:


People today are more concerned than ever about outliving their money. With all the bumps in the road through your retirement years, it is vital that you map out your retirement to:

 * Protect your principal and gains

* Minimize taxes

* Keep more of your Social Security check

* Enable your investments to effectively fight inflation 


IF you come visit us at one of our seminars or for a meeting in our office, or even via a Web meeting, you will learn how to invest your money with market gains and without market risk. If you are a saver, you will learn how to fight inflation, preserving and increasing your purchasing power without risking your savings. As we age, the losses and lack of liquidity in the market becomes a huge factor in our retirement years as we have less time to recover. 

It is very exciting to show our clients how to generate a lifetime income they can not outlive thereby allowing them to enjoy much of what they have earned without the fear of ever running out of money.

We look forward to visiting with you soon, so that we can show you how to benefit from the strategies we have implemented for retirees across our great country.